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The Library is where you can find demonstration videos, product manuals, farmer testimonials, copies of our monthly eNews, and so the list keeps growing. Check back here from time-to-time to see what is new in your area of interest.

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Herd Test Bucket Clear 32L              -23%
Our new herd test bucket has the great advantage of being manufacturedin clear polycarbonate materia..
$299.00 $229.00
text_tax $229.00

Mastitis Test Concentrate Kit           -26%
Use the 1-litre of concentrate with cool clean water to make 5 litres ofready-to-use solution in the..
$56.95 $41.95
text_tax $41.95

Mastitis Test Draminski 4xMemory cpt    -27%
Latest development from Draminski is the 4x Memory model. To start thescreen shows 4 sets of blinkin..
$749.00 $549.00
text_tax $549.00

Mastitis Test Mas-D-Tec                 -25%
´Mas-D-Tec is manufactured in USA and is claimed to be the world´slargest selling electronic mastiti..
$999.00 $749.00
text_tax $749.00

Tail Trimmer Tailwell2 complete         -25%
Following on from the success of our original Tailwell machine, wedeveloped the all-new Tailwell2. T..
$595.00 $445.00
text_tax $445.00

Udder Singe Farmhand cpt with gas       -27%
´Excess hair growth on udders can be a serious source of contaminationof milk, and also a factor cau..
$225.00 $165.00
text_tax $165.00

A popular item in the cow shed to separate one cow´s milk from the restof the herd. Simply connected..
text_tax $385.00

Replacement seal to suit the Herd Test Bucket 203555. ..
text_tax $35.95

Gently mix this concentrate with clean cold water in a clean containerto make ready-to-use mastitis ..
text_tax $26.95

Handyscope is a high-powered portable microscope especially made forfast and reliable fertility test..
text_tax $249.00

Pistolette suitable for Universal sheaths and both 0.25ml and 0.5mlstraws. ..
text_tax $107.00

Gives a clean perpendicular cut to avoid crushing the straw end asoccurs when straw is cut with scis..
text_tax $36.95

Specially designed forceps for grasping and removal of A.I. straws fromCryogenic holding tank. Stain..
text_tax $29.95

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Top Udder Health Achieved Through Hygiene & Monitoring

Top Udder Health Achieved Through Hygiene & Monitoring

Geoff 08/02/2016 0
Healthy udders mean better quality milk which means higher returns.  This is a basic equation that we all know and understand.  Achieving the first input is the biggest ongoing challenge for farmers e...
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Petcare tips for the summer holidays

Petcare tips for the summer holidays

Geoff 24/11/2015 0
Summertime is fun time, but hot weather makes for some unique summer pet care challenges. Although wild animals are well adapted to the elements, companion animals can be just as susceptible to extrem...
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Trough & Tank Valves Reliable Despite Water Quality

Trough & Tank Valves Reliable Despite Water Quality

Geoff 24/11/2015 0
A constant problem for many farmers is dealing with ensuring a consistent water supply to troughs and tanks around the farm.  Most valve systems available today are unable to operate consistently at l...
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Leg & Tail Marking Systems for Effective Stock Management

Leg & Tail Marking Systems for Effective Stock Management

Geoff 06/11/2015 0
Leg marking systems are a well-known and effective way to manage and monitor your herd throughout the year.  Such an easy and immediately visual colour coding system can quickly alert farm workers to ...
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October eNews

October eNews

Geoff 05/10/2015 0
We are here to help with your everyday farming needs. This month we thought we would create a bit of a pick-and-mix of deals, especially for the lifestyle farmers who maybe have some sheep, some chick...
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Innovative Equine Hoof Sock Really Works

Innovative Equine Hoof Sock Really Works

Geoff 01/10/2015 0
An innovative new hoof sock is being hailed as the easiest treatment yet for lameness in horses. With hoof problems being the most common cause of lameness, finding the most effective way to treat the...
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