Three useful farming aids to keep your calving pen working for you

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Your calving may well be underway. Or it will be soon.

If you’ve been asking about how to improve your calving environment so your calves are better off right from the get-go, then take a closer look at these three very convenient on-farm tools.




Where you’re seeking to cordon off several calving areas for use over shorter periods of time, then take advantage of the very useful Taragate fencing range. The Taragate range provides a temporary fencing solution which is sure to provide flexibility and adaptability to your process.

The Taragate 4-Strand is ideal for all animals, small to large. Utilising a Fibreglass Rod for added strength, it takes four tape strands (20mm/40mm) and stands 80cm from top to bottom. These Rods are super simple to move around - mark out your calving areas and then tread the post into the ground with your booted foot. To remove, simply pull them out.

The Taragate fencing is designed to support the creation of different sized and shaped areas. Gate tension is easy to maintain with the four galvanised springs attached to the tape strands. It operates with a ring circuit meaning that full power is pushed through the whole gate even when the conductor is damaged.




It’s commonly known that keeping calving areas clean by reducing mud and manure decreases the occurrence of disease and contamination. Here’s how we can help. Muck out your areas using Fjord Plastic Shovels. These shovels are amazingly durable and strong; perfect for the repeated removal of potentially heavy manure. They’re made from high-density impact-proof UV-stabilised food grade plastic... and are light to use. Tough, and guaranteed against breakage for 12 months - try driving over one!




Where you’re needing to get water to your animals in their penned-off areas, then consider adopting the use of these tough and intelligently designed Grazing Pumps. There are two types to consider, both equally useful depending on your needs. In the situation where calves are not with their mothers, then a Grazing Pump that allows one animal to drink at a time will suit. 

Alternatively, the Aquamat Combi Grazing Pump, allows the calf to drink from a calf-drinking bowl on the side (as part of the unit) at the same time as the cow drinks from the main unit. These indispensable units are easy to move around providing a lot of versatility of placement. And they’re so easy to use. The animal pushes the quadrant pad with their nose which in turn operates the pump and draws water a distance of up to 70m.


Calving. It's tiring. Hard work. Long hours. And rewarding.

Let us help you get more from your day.

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