Irrigation Pods That Add Flexibility To Your Farm Irrigation System

15/02/2019 0 Comment(s) Around the Farm,

A proper on-farm irrigation set-up is worth its weight in gold. Effective irrigation systems account for the needed amount of water and the uniformity its application. The last thing you want is underfed pasture or forage crops, or adversely, to experience pooling, run-off and erosion. 

In Australia, the need for flexibility and adaptability in our irrigation systems is real. So when the Irripod Irrigation System with its modular and flexible set-up and its cost-effectiveness came onto our radar then we thought it would be worth taking a closer look.


The Irripod System is a pipeline sprinkler irrigation system for pasture and forage crops. Designed to operate at low pressure, it is perfect for rural areas. It distributes water or effluent at a slow absorption rate over a 12-24 hour period. The beauty of this slow absorption rate is that it eliminates pooling and run-off and the irrigation system needs only to be moved once every 12-24 period. And installing and moving them is easy.

The Irripod System is a component-based system. It features sprinklers that are attached to an irrigation pipeline. To ensure stock safety and to protect the sprinklers from damage by stock, the system utilises Pod Skids covering the sprinklers. As a component-based system, you simply configure each modular line to suit your needs.

They're easily movable, even while the irrigation system is operating. To move each line all you do is attach the line to an ATV or farm vehicle.


Real-Life Stories

Ease of moving is key in diverse land areas.  In New Zealand's Tasman, Craig and Louise Fayen found their Irripod Irrigation System has worked better than hoped-for. They've set up the Irripod Irrigation System across a very diverse 63ha. Craig finds it easy to move the lines around; a line is freed with the pull of a rope. It only takes Craig an hour and a half to shift the irrigation system to a new configuration. The irrigation water is sourced from a nearby pond, on which the pump is floated on top. From their experience, major benefits were already seen two weeks after watering began.

Diversity in coverage is essential in a land with different types of soil. In New Zealand's Otago, Arthur Sykes and Caroline Antony run a 470ha farm. Keen to install irrigation into 55ha of flat to light undulating land with two different types of soil that required irrigation - sand and silt loam/sand mix - they chose to use Irripod regulated sprinklers and pods. They have found the Irripod Irrigation System fights the wind well and there is a consistent distribution of water along the pod lines. Notably, the last pod in the line receives the same amount of water as the first pod.


The flexibility of Irripod Plus means the system can be configured for many different end-uses in addition to traditional pasture and forage crop irrigation; these include orchards, golf courses, sports fields, race tracks, dust suppression in developing housing sub-divisions and bush fire protection.