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Farrier Hammer Driving 10oz Nordic

Top quality forged-steel farrier driving hammers from Nordic Forge, USA.Designed by professionals an..

$89.95 Ex Tax: $89.95

Farrier Hammer Driving Economy

Good quality steel square-head claw hammer for shoeing. Steel-reinforcedhardwood handle. Length 33cm..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

Farrier Hammer Rounding 2lb Nordic

Top quality forged tool-steel farrier rounding hammer from Nordic Forge,USA. This is a perfectly bal..

$99.95 Ex Tax: $99.95

Farrier Mallet 400gm -44%

Farrier Mallet 400gm

Hardwood mallet with cylindrical head 75mm diameter. Best formetal-to-metal impact. Length 28cm o.a...

$19.95 $11.26 Ex Tax: $11.26

Hoof Cutter Electric Set Horse 240v

This is the latest from USA. A totally rebuilt tool especially developedfor hoof trimming. No compro..

$799.00 Ex Tax: $799.00

Horseshoe Puller/Spreader Nord 12

The Nordic combination shoe puller and spreader is forged and heat-treated for greatest strength. Th..

$229.00 Ex Tax: $229.00

Knife Farrier 5-blade

Great knife for the horseman to carry. Blades for cutting, hoofcare,mane care, bottle and can openin..

$29.95 Ex Tax: $29.95