Water Bowls

Water Bowls

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Grazing Pump Aquamat

The Aquamat pump from La Buvette, France, is operated by the animal(cattle, horse) pushing on the qu..

$855.00 Ex Tax: $855.00

Grazing Pump Aquamat Combi

Same pump as the Grazing Pump Aquamat 217480, but with addition of acalf-drinking bowl on the side. ..

$1,199.00 Ex Tax: $1,199.00

Grazing Pump P100

The Kerbl grazing pump is a more economical unit that still does thesame job. Cast iron bowl, alumin..

$699.00 Ex Tax: $699.00

Grazing Pump P100 Intake Screen only

Intake screen for Grazing Pump P100 217496 ..

$49.95 Ex Tax: $49.95

Water Bowl Crown Rabbit Stainless cpt

Removable bowl complete with cage bracket. All stainless steel. 12cmdiameter. Capacity 550ml. ..

$12.95 Ex Tax: $12.95

Water Bowl Economy Valve Seal only

Water Bowl Geoff Andrews Valve Rubber only, ..

$1.25 Ex Tax: $1.25

Water Bowl Farmhand Nylon 5L cpt

This bowl achieves the benefits of several other water bowls. Fullyresistant to corrosion in any wat..

$69.95 Ex Tax: $69.95

Water Bowl Farmhand Stainless cpt

Stainless steel manufacture, with hinged lid assembly. A feature of thisbowl is the sloping to the f..

$95.95 Ex Tax: $95.95

Water Bowl Float Assy High Pressure

This new float assembly is of much higher quality. It is of substantialand robust design with a larg..

$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.95

Water Bowl Little Giant Float Assy only

Water Bowl Little Giant Float Assembly only ..

$27.95 Ex Tax: $27.95

Water Bowl Little Giant Galv 4.2L cpt

Well known brand manufactured in USA from heavy gauge draw-qualitysteel, galvanised for long life. S..

$109.00 Ex Tax: $109.00

Water Bowl Stainless Piglet

This bowl is pressed out of one piece of stainless steel plate, then thestainless drop-pipe is welde..

$45.95 Ex Tax: $45.95

Water Bowl Stockbrands 4.3L cpt

This plastic bowl is mostly suited to smaller animals in less heavy-dutysituations. The float cover ..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Water Bowl Stockbrands Float Assy cpt

Water Bowl Stockbrands Float Assembly only. ..

$27.95 Ex Tax: $27.95

Water Filler Reln

A covered water valve which can be hung over the side of a variety ofwater containers, from plastic ..

$36.95 Ex Tax: $36.95