Hoof Grinding Disc Permanent 6

Hoof Cutting Disc Permanent 6

Hoof Grinding Disc Prof Replt Knives Set

Hoof Cutting Disc Prof Replt Knives Set

Hoof Cutting Disc Professional

Ideal for the professional hoof trimmer. Made in Germany. Disc oflightweight alloy is easier to manage and has less vibration. Perforation holes in disc give greatest cooling, and enable viewing rightthrough the disc when it is operating at speed. (See photo above.) Thisprevents over-cutting and damaging hoof tissue. The 6 knives runsmoothly, cooly and efficiently removing horn tissue. Knives arereversible for double the life. This disc allows fast and accurate hornremoval, with lowest risk of injury to man or animal. The disc shouldtrim more than 3,000 hooves on one set of knives. Diameter 120mm with22mm centre hole.