Butter Churn Hand Operated 2-5L

Butter Churn Hand Operated 2.5L

Cream Separator Motop Manual 80L (New)

Cream Separator Motop Manual 80L

Grain Mill Portable 240V

With your own grain mill you can grow or source whole grains as youdesire for your own feed mix. Grain must be milled for the animal toextract the nutrition from it. This mill is powered by a 750W 240velectric motor which ensures fast and consistent milling. The mill issupplied with four screens, grinding to sizes 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm.An optional 1.5mm screen is available. The machine is completelydustless, as the large 13-litre container (supplied) fits neatly ontothe mill outlet. Accidental access to moving parts is prevented byautomatic shutdown of the motor if the access door is opened, or thegrinding chamber is not securely closed. A