Callicrate Bander Kit cpt

Callicrate SMART Bander Kit cpt

Callicrate Bander Loops 25-pack

Callicrate SMART Bander Loops 25-pack

Callicrate SMART Bander Loops 100-pack

This tool, developed in USA, is for the purpose of ensuring bulls canachieve the fastest possible growth rates, without need of artificialhormonal growth promotants. They are then easily and humanely castratedat the latest appropriate stage. The Callicrate Bander can be used onlarger animals to quickly, cleanly and non-surgically remove thetesticles. Bull management can be modified to castrate nearer maturitymaximising the growth induced by natural testosterone. The beast willachieve a greater hook weight and still have the carcase characteristicsof a steer when killed.´The procedure is based on the use of a strongrubber cord inserted into a patented application device. The cord isstretched over the scrotum before being tightened by a ratchet mechanismand then locked firmly into position using a metal clip. With a littlepractice the procedure is both faster and safer than using a knife orother castration instruments.´* The Bander kit includes Bander tool,loop cutter, 5x loops and demonstration video, all supplied in a sturdykit box. Local anaesthetic must be used when applying bands.