Tubbease Horse Sock Blue (155mm) cpt

Tubbease Hoof Sock Blue (155mm) cpt

Tubbease Hoof Sock Red (140mm) cpt

Tubbease was developed in New Zealand by Cambridge farrier ErinHampson-Tindale. Erin was trying to solve the problem of poulticinghooves without ´stewing´ them, as happened with most regular ´sealed´boots he used. So Erin created this rubber-dipped sock which ´breathes´whilst still protecting and soaking the damaged hoof. This´breathability´ prevents the hoof going soft during the treatmentperiod. A thick EVA sole pad relieves pain for the horse and extends thelife of the Tubbease´. Various remedies can be used under the sock forailments such as abscess, thrush, seedy toe, thin sole, injuries, cracksand general deterioration. Dimension is maximum width of hoof that willfit in the Tubbease cup. Tubbease is a Registered Design, No NZ 417646.NB: Tubbease should always be secured with the Velcro strap supplied. Abandage is not suitable or adequate. New straps are available.