Tail Trimmer Heiniger Ultimate3 cpt Belt

Tail Trimmer Heiniger Ultimate3 cpt Belt

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As a special tool for tail trimming of dairy cows, Heiniger have
combined their powerful 12v shearing handpiece with a rechargable and
portable 12v battery pack. The dry-cell battery is carried in either a
back pouch or a belt pouch. These pouches must be purchased separately
to the kit. The handpiece motor power is 160W. The battery will run the
handpiece for about 400 tails. It then requires overnight to recharge.
So with two batteries supplied, continuous clipping is possible in large
herds. This special tail trimmer uses a ´shattle´ comb. This comb has
more teeth than a regular shearing comb, making it more suitable for
cutting hair. Cut depth is approx 2mm, so the unit is also very useful
for TB testing and similar tasks. The Ultimate 3 handpiece weighs
1.55kg. The battery weight is 3kg. *The Ultimate 3 kit includes:
handpiece, 2 x 12v batteries, 2 x battery chargers, shattle comb, Xtreme
cutter, and a handy belt holster, all packaged in a heavy duty plastic
case. Battery pouch is not included. NB: Batteries must only be trickle
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